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Breathing, Circulation & Energy Saving
_ Anne Shearer (UK)
Anne Shearer, a Scottish Breathworker in her late '70's, writes about how correct breathing can help the planet!

Cathartic Breathing & it's limitations
_ Wilfried Ehrmann (Austria)
The drawbacks encountered when the focus of healing has an emphasis on catharsis. An excellent article from one of the GIC 2008 keynote speakers.
Continuum - Tha Art of Self-Renewal
_ Jane Okondo (UK)
Another of the keynote speakers at the GIC 2008, writes of the work of Emilie Conrad, founder of 'Continuum'.
The Two Trees
_ Leonard D. Orr (USA)
The Founder of Rebirthing Breathwork in inspirational mood.
The Global Inspiration Conference (GIC)
_ Natalia Brown (UK)
The organiser of the 15th GIC writes about it's preparation and news of speakers.
Book Review
_ Catherine Dowling (Eire)
Catherine Dowling, an Irish Breathworker, gives a review of
The Shimmering World.
Also publicity on the book Sacred Attention
New to Breathwork?
What is Breathe?

Back issue 110 :
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Issue 110

20 pages

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