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Back Issues of Breathe Magazine See below for contact info The British Rebirth Society -The Society for Transformational Breathwork - is composed of people committed to using the breath consciously in their own lives. Membership of the BRS includes both Practitioners and non-practitioners of Rebirthing.
Further details, including prerequisites for joining the BRS, contact the Membership Secretary.
All BRS Practitioners are subject to the British Rebirth Society's Code of Ethics & Practice. (Details available from the Membership Secretary - see below).Anyone committed to consciously using their breath is welcomed in becoming a non-practitioner Member of the British Rebirth Society.
Practitioners pay an additional sum to cover insurance & publicity. Practitioners are professional Rebirthers abiding by the BRS Code of Ethics and Practice.
The BRS is affiliated to the Institute for Complementary Medicine.
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The British Rebirth Society still exists. Originally known as the Rebirth Society, it was formed after Leonard Orr's major British training in February 1980. The Society remains the largest organised group of Rebirthing Breathworkers in the UK
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The British Rebith Society now has it's own website which has an up-to-date list of Practitioners.
See: this link
For a list of Practitioners of the British Rebirth Society see the BRS website
P = BRS Practitioner Rebirthers. Well trained, competent Rebirthers who have been in practice for some time and have sufficient skill in Rebirthing to satisfy the BRS Practitioner requirements. AP = BRS Apprentice Practitioner Rebirthers. An Apprentice is in training within a supervised Apprentices Programme towards becoming recognised as a full BRS Practitioner


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