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Contacts in the table below have contributed to Breathe through advertising, articles or other support. Click on the name which links to (if available) the contact's website.
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The British Rebirth Society

The BRS, with its system of acknowledgement for trained Rebirthers, has a list of BRS recognised Practitioners.

The International Breathwork Foundation

IBF Newsletter:
Breathwork and Rebirthing contacts
British Rebirth Society
IBF (The International Breathwork Foundation)

The Healing Breath - Switzerland

This is an internet based peer group review journal edited by Dr Joy Manné Ph.D. Articles are of a more academic nature concerning research into all aspects of Breathwork. Joy has been a great supporter and contributor to Breathe over the years.

Zentium International - Australia

Alakh Analda, of Zentium International, Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery, Nationally recognised vocational training in the Australian Qualification Framework.
Retreat intensives, groups & consult sessions - Byron Bay
Monthly groups, consult sessions & training – Sydney
Self paced practitioner training in UK – monthly and/or 3 monthly weekends - Edinburgh.
See article in Issue 97

Books on Rebirthing Breathwork
Training in Rebirthing Breathwork
OTHER CONTACTS. Links below are usually sites with an interest in Breathwork and a link to Breathe Magazine
Breath Awareness Center for Rebirthing - USA
"A Wholistic Health Center dedicated to alternative health through the use of alternative healing modalities and conscious connected breathing - Rebirthing"
The Rebirthing Psychotherapy Association - Ireland
The Rebirthing Psychotherapy Association is the registration body for Rebirthers in Ireland.
It is dedicated to the promotion of Rebirthing as a profession.
Vivation®) - USA
Vivation Home Page
Rebirth International Online (RBI)
Leonard Orr, founder of the modern Rb Breathwork Movement, has maintained a full-time healing and professional training center for over 30 years. RBI started in 1975, has maintained a newsletter and annual Rb Breathworkers Convention ever since. Leonard has written over twenty books; four on Rebirthing and Breathwork (published in over 10 languages). Contact: Leonard Orr or RBI Ph. (540)885-0551, Fax. (540)885-1230 P.O. Box 1026 Staunton, VA 24402.
Italian Breathwork site
Holotropic Breathwork™ - USA
'This web site provides an overview of Holotropic Breathwork and the Association for Holotropic Breathwork International. You can find a facilitator in your area by visiting our Facilitator Database.'
In the USA see
The Hendricks Institute
Pat Clemence Music Pages:

Healing and inspirational new age music that is ideal for breath awareness, massage, reiki and tai chi.
Living Creators
See this link
Alternative Health Seek
Site for finding out about Alternative Health in the USA.
Website for Breath Therapy. See this link
NodeWorks Directory
Directory with alternative health section: http://dir.nodeworks.
Positive Health
UK Publication with alternative health section:
Swedish link
German search engine with Alternative health section:
Breath Centre
See this link
Sara Dawn, US artist and writer with interest in Breathwork. See

This site is dedicated to breathing as it relates to health, peak performance and life extension.

Hanne M. Heilesen and Lars Mygind - Denmark
Our clients include companies and individuals from Denmark, Belgium and England. See link
Dorota Godby - UK
BRS Practitioner and Membership Secretary for BRS.
Her website link
The Art of Breathing - USA
Nancy Zi's website
The Hill That Breathes - a successful holistic centre in Italy. See: link
European Rebirthing School run by Antonio Valmaggia in Italy. See link


The Inner Door - USA

A quarterly publication for the members of the Association of Holotropic Breathwork International - a Californian non-profit corporation. Breathe Magazine has reprinted articles from The Inner Door.

Edward Di Maio - USA

Ed Di Maio is a poet, photographer, drummer and breathworker. He has an anthology entitled 'Sound, Scent & Light' (available through He has contributed poems and images for 'Breathe'. See issue 91

The Artemis Foundation - UK

Furthers the work of Rebirther Christina Artemis, based in Dorset and offering various trainings and workshops, including a Breathwork training. Christina is a contributor to Breathe and one of the founding Rebirthers who set up the UK based Rebirth Society.

Karen Kingston - Europe & Indonesia

Karen Kingston is recognised as the world's leading authority on Space Clearing. Her groundbreaking international best-sellers, 'Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui' and 'Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui' have been published in 19 languages and have sold a combined 1.5 million copies to date.
Karen is a former member of the British Rebirth Society. See back issue 95

Healing Birth Rebirthing - Europe

This organisation centres around the work of Binnie A. Dansby who teaches in Europe, particularly in the UK, Germany, Denmark and France.
UK Organiser for Healing Birth Rebirthing is:
Pat Bennaceur. Tel: 01273 727588. Email:

Ecstatic Birth - UK + Europe

The website for Binnie A. Dansby. "The purpose of the company is to have a beneficial impact on the lives, consciousness and well being of expectant parents and birth professionals, thus to have a life enhancing influence on the birth, consciousness and well-being of our children and therefore all of humanity"

Béatrice Garoche - UK

Béatrice offers breathing sessions in south London.

Dorisse Neale - USA

Dorisse's site is for "eucapnic-buteyko" breathing method.

Sandra Smith - UK

Contributed an article in issue 86 (Breathwork & Singing issue) on importance of breathing and singing. Sandra teaches at Dartington College of Arts and runs workshops and training in south Devon, UK. Her current project is forming a youth training choir. (April 2008)

Integral Consciousness Training - France

Anglo-French site
"Integral Consciousness (IC) describes the potential inherent in every human being to become whole (integral) and fully aware (consciousness). The IC method addresses the human being at every level of their existence - physical, emotional, mental, soul and spirit - and aids in developing full presence, awareness and wholeness in each of these vital aspects of being. ..." (Article in issue 97)

Breathconnection - Australia

'Kaivalya Meru', Kyogle Road, Lillian Rock, NSW 2480, Australia
Tel/Fax: +61 66 897 455

ATMAN - Austria

Verein für Integratives Atmen, Rebirthing und spirituelles Wachstum Berufsvereinigung der Atemlehrer Österreichs. German language organisation promoting Rebirthing Breathwork. Has publication and website. Contact Dr Wilfried Ehrmann. Tel: 01 369 23 63

Transformations Incorporated - USA

The School of Spiritual Psychology,
4200 West Good Hope Road, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53209-2250 USA
Tel: +414 351 5770 Fax: +414 351 5760

Denis Ouellette - USA

Breathworker in Montana. Contributed an article called 'Double Your Vitality' in issue 106 . Author of 'Heal Yourself with Breath, Light, Sound & Water'. Editor of 'Natural Life News & Directory'.

The Orchard Rooms - UK

David & Gilly Montgomery offer a range of breathwork courses, including a Rebirther Training, an Apprenticeship Programme, water rebirthing and spiritual purification, as well as 'Colour & Style Journey' workshops for women and tailor-made retreats and bed & breakfast, in Somerset.
Tel: +44 (0)1278 722 536.

Relationship Transformation - USA

The website for Peter Kane, author, trainer, contributor to Breathe. Peter is one of the original Certified Rebirthers and has been teaching Breathwork and relationships internationally since 1979.

Elayna Truslove - UK

Elayna is a regular contributor to Breathe Magazine. She is a registered Breath practitioner, a qualified and experienced counsellor and a shamanic healer of 15 years. She currently works as a creative therapist with traumatised children.

First Breath - UK

Natalia Brown, an Artemis Foundation trained Rebirther, is based in Leamington Spa. She has worked with InBreath and the Artemis Foundation. Website includes discussion forum + info on breathwork practices. She is organising the GIC 2008.

Optimal Breathing - USA

Michael Grant White's site is very comprehensive with a huge library of breath related articles - Belgium

Geoff Smith's website with articles, news, workshops, breathworkers in Europe.

Rebirthing Ireland - Ireland

Catherine Dowling is author of Rebirthing and Breathwork. She is also Publicity Officer for the International Breathwork Foundation

Eve Jones - USA

Dr. Eve Jones is one of the original Rebirthers from the '70's. She has contributed to Breathe Magazine with articles on Hyperventilation and Primal Therapy.

Colour Breathing - UK

A complementary self-help therapy using the conscious use of breath, colour, chakras, focus and mindfulness. Training, books and audio products available. See issue 98

Positive Health - UK

UK's leading Complementary Health Magazine with a wide range of articles, contacts, trainings, book lists, back issues. Published for 10 years+

Katheryn Trenshaw - UK

US born artist, writer and workshop leader. She contributed to Breathe issue 102 with the cover photo and article 'Shadow Dancing' Contributed article in issue 102

Joseph Serra - UK

Creator of the community building project 'Balance' which facilitated men's women and couples groups and workshops. Contributed to issue 102 with 'The Rage of the Feminine is the Gateway' Contributed article in issue 102

Jane Okondo - UK

Breath practitioner since 1994, Jane co-founded & teaches on the InBreath training. She runs workshops & rebirthing breathwork groups in London, + retreats in Italy. Tel: +44 (0)208 318 9466 See article issue 105

Kim G. Hansen & Pia Riddertoft - Denmark

We are a couple of Danish Rebirthers who trained, from 94-98, with Binnie A. Dansby, one of the pioneers of water-birth. We give private sessions with psychotherapy & rebirthing and give weekend workshops with water-rebirthing. We have been professional Rebirthers since 1996.

Frank Mannens - Netherlands

A breath practitioner who trained with Peter DeLong. Part of his training involved writing an article on Breathwork. Frank contributed to issue 100 and 101 He has a practice in Amsterdam.

Alberto Villoldo - USA

Modern shaman and scientist, author of 'Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval'. Alberto has a PhD and is a psychologist and medical anthropologist who has studied shamanic practices See issue 100

Michelle Dunworth - UK

Michelle is a Soul Rebirther and Awakener. Her aim is to encourage self-empowerment and to awaken you to your divine self. She contributed an article in issue 98.

Andrei Zakharevich - Russia

A. S. Zakharevich, Doctor of Psychology, Vice-Principal of the Institute for Social Development of Natural Abilities and more, has a 25 year practice of breathing techniques. He was organiser for the 2005 IBF GIC. Contributed many articles to Breathe Magazine

Tamara Penn - Canada

Tamara is IBF National Co-ordinator for Canada and is currently organising workshops for Sondra Ray.

Clare Gabriel - UK

Clare is a British Rebirth Society Practitioner and the current BRS Chairman.

Holographic Breathing - UK

Martin Jones has developed Holographic Breathing which combines elements of cranio-sacral therapy, breathing, meditation and knowledge of chi energy. See issues 104 and 106

Body Harmony - USA

Body Harmony promotes increased energy and vitality, greater self-awareness and choice, healing on all levels and real change from the inside See issue 104

Joel McPherson - USA

Joel has two websites - one how to stop panic attacks (see link) plus another giving tips on better breathing. See issue 105

Jeremy Youst - USA

Jeremy, based in New Hampshire, has contributed several articles to Breathe - see issues 100, 103, He is associated with the IBTA.

Mudimo Okondo - UK

Contributed an article called 'DrumBreath' in issue 105 (co-wrote with partner Jane) on bringing together conscious breath and live rhythmic music.

Aimee and Gerd Lange - UK

Contributed an article called 'Pineal Gland' in issue 105 . Also co-wrote, with partner Gerd, about 'TranceBreath' in issue 104. Gerd wrote an article on working with Inner Child - see 96

Gail Ferguson - USA

Gail is a psychologist, author and instructor. She leads workshops on intuition and gives individual readings in the US and Europe.

Sara Dawn - USA

Breathworker with "a new website for Conscious Breathing - Rebirthing", with Conscious Breathing eBook, Poetry Reading and Message from Sara, Free recording, 'Breathing Connectedly' by Sara Dawn

International Breathwork Training Alliance IBTA - USA

The IBTA grew out of 7th Annual Global Inspiration Conference in Italy (July, 2000), sponsored by the International Breathwork Foundation. Members of the IBTA receive a subscription to Breathe Magazine.

Hingamistuba - Estonia (Tallinn)

Hingamistuba - A Breathing Space - is a centre for individual breath sessions, 7 days a week. The therapists are graduates of Binnie Dansby’s 3 year Source Process & Breathwork Training and work with clients on a daily basis. Kert Grünberg, Karita Mikko and Sölve Maiberg receive English speaking clients.
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