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Physical Immortality: Death of Identity
Alakh Anand
Alakh Ananda is basee in Australia and is a Practitioner and & Trainer in Breathwork Mastery.
What is Breathwork?
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Breathwork & Designer Babies!
Karlyn Boyter

Karlyn is a co-trainer in Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery as well as a Doula / birth support.

Contacts for breathwork and rebirthing
British Rebirth Society
My last issue of Breathe
Robert Moore

Breathe editor on his last issue with looking back over 25 years and the future of Breathe.

IBF The International Breathowrk Foundation
Books on Rebirthing Breathwork
What is TIBA Africa Foundation?
Vincent Oloo & Daniel Marungu (Kenya)

Extracts from a recent TIBA Africa Newsletter reporting on breathwork in Kenya

Rebirthing and Breathwork Training




This publication ended production in 2012.






The original Breathe Magazine in continual publication since 1984. It covers various Breathwork techniques including Rebirthing. Breathe includes articles, descriptions, personal accounts, advertisement, news and views from the world of Breathwork.
BREATHE MAGAZINE is an INDEPENDENT publication. It is published by Robert Moore, a member of both the British Rebirth Society (BRS) and of the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) BREATHE HAS BEEN PUBLISHED every three months.
From 2008 this changed to 3 per year. From June 2009 the publication has gone into 'hibernation'
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