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International Breathwork Foundation
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The International Breathwork Foundation

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The IBF: is a network open to all people interested in Breathwork is a network for Breathwork practitioners, Breathwork organisations and friends of Breathwork
It provides an opportunity for people world-wide to learn about Breathwork and its practice as a therapeutic and transformational tool for attaining health in body, mind and spirit

The IBF:
• encourages quality in Breathwork training and practice
• supports ethics, integrity and professionalism for breathworkers world-wide
• offers recommendations for Breathwork sessions and trainings and ongoing development for Breathwork practitioners
• serves as a research and documentation centre for collecting, collating and disseminating information about Breathwork internationally
• promotes international co-operation and exchange programs for research and education
• embraces diversity and a respectful interactive dialogue to promote growth
• is a non-profit organisation relying principally on funding by annual subscriptions (Text taken from IBF site with permission)
See contacts page for more information.
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What is Breathwork?
The IBF has National Co-ordinators in many countries around the world. See the IBF website for more details
Breathwork Adverts in this issue Breathe magazine is distributed to IBF members: it is one of the benefits to those who pay the Membership fee. There is a choice of Breathwork Magazine: English language = Breathe, German Language = Atman. Unfortunately the Spanish language magazine Respiración is no longer published. Members can decide which magazine to receive.
Contacts for Breathwork
British Rebirth Society

Individuals, organisations and schools are welcome to become members of the IBF

IBF (The International Breathwork Foundation)

The International Breathwork Foundation is a truly international group whose common interest is the promotion of the 'Breath' in all it's guises.
Every year the IBF holds a 'Global Inspiration Conference' (GIC) - a week of amazing sharing, renewal, inspiration, reconnection. This is a moveable feast of co-operation as the venue changes each year to a different host country.
The first GIC was in 1994 in Sweden.

The conference in 2010 was the 17th year of GIC and was held in Catalonia, Spain.
The 2011 conference will be in ECUADOR from June 24th to July 1st.

More info: GIC2011

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