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Soul Therapy by Joy Manné

Soul Therapy

by Joy Manné PhD

"When Ego is in communication with Soul, we honour the Earth and all beings."

Breathworker, psychotherapist and Buddhist practitioner, Joy Manné blends a number of contemporary therapies with ancient practices of purification and breathwork to allow the Soul to direct and manifest deep healing

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A review from issue 72 of Breathe:

Soul Therapy
by Joy Manné
North Atlantic Books. US$ 13.95
ISBN 1-55643-255-0
(available through Airlift and Watkins in the UK)

This book could just as easily be called Common Sense Therapy, Therapy from the Heart, A Guide to Good Quality Therapy or something similar. Being privileged enough to have read the manuscript before the book was published, I know that at some stage the working title actually was something like "the discerning person's guide to good therapy". This is exactly what this book is all about. In her, as always, very crisp and clear language, Joy goes through the many aspects of the client - therapist relationship and brings to the reader's attention the many pitfalls and weaknesses in conventional psychotherapy and therapy from the head or ego rather than from the heart and soul. To differentiate the conventional or ego-oriented therapy from what she regards as good and healthy therapy, she has invented the term "Soul Therapy".
I could give a very thorough description of what the book covers, but I am not sure this is necessary. Instead I will give an example, a flavour of how the book is written, that will speak very clearly for itself. This is how Joy describes Soul Therapy Skills: " On the Soul Quest, we are all teachers, we are all therapists, we are all students, we are all clients. We all have something to teach: it may be as simple as sharing our knowledge or giving useful information; it may be a special insight or observation; it may be sharing an important experience. We all have something healing to offer: it may be as very simple as common sense or practical advice; it may be a period of quiet and receptive listening. We are always learning, wherever we are on our Soul Path." In my view this quote gives a very good picture of the humble, loving and wise description of true healing - a situation where all involved are there for a reason, all give and take on equal terms, even if the situation may seem one-sided at first glance.

Joy describes her book as a "cookbook" for those who want to become "Master-chefs" or "Alchemists". I would say that the book is a must to read for anyone who is a therapist or wants to become one. To be a therapist means to be on a constant path of personal development. Unfortunately it is a road with many pitfalls and wrong turns. A good therapist needs all the guidance and support s/he can get and as a guide book Soul Therapy is as useful and indispensable as an A-Z map-book.

Review by Gunnel Minett

Joy Manné has a website called 'The Healing Breathe'.