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Contents - issue 79

Rebirthing in the new Millennium
Bob Madness
Why Read? Why Write? Why Refer?
Getting Rebirthing recognised

Joy Manné
Philosophical Foundations of Breathwork -
Truth or Dogma?

Judee Gee
How I see Breathwork in the new millennium
A vision of how it might be

Gunnel Minett
Breathing the New Millennium
Breathwork and Sacred Plants

Mark Seelig
New Millennium Breathwork
Deike Begg
Can Rebirthing work in the Community?
Christine McCallum
Continuing the subject of Tetany
J Angel
Book Reviews:
• Breathe Well, Be Well

• The Scientification of Love
+ Letters

Back issue 79 Theme:
New Millennium-
Ideas for the new century

New Millennium Breathwork

24 pages

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