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Rebirthing and Breathwork Training
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Breathwork Trainings listed in this section contributed to Breathe Issue 97 (Sept 2004) through advertising and/or articles. (NOTE: Some no longer offer trainings)
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Rebirthing and Breathwork Training issue

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InBreath - UK

The Institute for Breath Therapy and Transformational Healing. Training, Taster weekends, groups and sessions. A regular advertiser in Breathe - see adverts page. Telephone: Freephone number 0800 074563 or +44 1424 443 742 from abroad
More details:
[NOTE July 2008: This info is now out-of-date as the training has ceased.]

The Artemis Foundation - UK

Furthers the work of Rebirther Christina Artemis, based in Dorset and offering various trainings and workshops, including a Breathwork training. Christina is a contributor to Breathe and one of the founding Rebirthers who set up the UK based Rebirth Society.
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Healing Birth Rebirthing - Europe

This organisation centres around the work of Binnie A. Dansby who teaches in Europe, particularly in the UK, Estonia, Germany, Denmark and France.
UK Organiser for Healing Birth Rebirthing is:
Pat Bennaceur. Tel: 01273 727588. Email:

Integral Consciousness Training - France

Anglo-French site
"Integral Consciousness (IC) describes the potential inherent in every human being to become whole (integral) and fully aware (consciousness). The IC method addresses the human being at every level of their existence - physical, emotional, mental, soul and spirit - and aids in developing full presence, awareness and wholeness in each of these vital aspects of being. ..."

Transformations Incorporated - USA

The School of Spiritual Psychology,
4200 West Good Hope Road, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53209-2250 USA
Tel: +414 351 5770 Fax: +414 351 5760

Essential Life Skills Training - UK

David & Gilly Montgomery offered a range of breathwork courses, including a Rebirther Training, an Apprenticeship Programme,
Tel: +44 (0)1278 722 536.
[NOTE 2008: Check their website as the published info is now out-of-date.]

Transformational Breath - USA

The Transformational Breath Foundation offers Personal and Professional Training Programs. Founded by Dr. Judith Kravitz.
Call: + 603 284-9291 or in the US 1(877) 4 1 BREATH

Zentium International - Australia

Alakh Analda, of Zentium International, Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery, has set up a nationally recognised vocational training in the Australian Qualification Framework in Breathwork Mastery. Trainings in Byron Bay & Sydney and Edinburgh, UK.
Tele: +61 413 167 688


Rebirth International - USA

Rebirth International is the school of Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing. For more information on trainings see website or telephone: +1 540 885 0551.

The Avalon Institute of Rebirthing [AIR] - UK

This is a new Bristol-based training school (2008) added to the information on this page as it is not in the Training in Breathwork edition of Breathe.
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